Saturday, October 13, 2007

E-zines and Blogs

After looking at the following websites: -a news and current event related e-zine, and -a political news related blog; I have gained a bit more knowledge on how different these two sources of information are from one another.
First of all, compared to the news related blog, the e-zine website presented information in a more professional and effective manner. When reading the newsweek e-zine, it was quite clear that its goal is to inform readers on certain issues and events, without giving any personal opinions on the matter. This is done by providing factual information and accurate quotes, which are intended to inform readers on the topic, rather than persued them. The political news and current event related blog on the other hand, seemed more concerned with expressing the bloggers views and opinions on certain political topics—often in a comical manner.

Which was easier to find on the Internet?

Overall, I found that there was a greater selection of news and current event related blogs over e-zines.

Which was easier to read?

Although the news related blog was very well written, I found the e-zine to be much easier to read.

Did they both cover the same current events?

The two sources didn’t really cover the same current events. The e-zine, for example, covered a wide variety of events for people to choose from; while the news related blog mostly covered topics that might only be of interest to conservatives.

Did you feel they were credible or trustworthy?

I definitely found the news related e-zine to be both credible and trustworthy. The articles were written by professional journalists, who would include several quotes in there articles. I found the news blog to be partially credible and trustworthy, excluding the personal opinions of the blogger. Although most of his articles were based on factual information, he or she would often write in a manner that seemed more opinion based.

Would you be more likely to feel a print source such as a newspaper or magazine was more credible than a blog? Than an e-zine? Why?

Yes, I do feel that a print source such as a newspaper or magazine is more credible than a blog. Unlike bloggers, print sources typically assign stories to their professional staff of writers, who are expected to write credible articles. E-zines are very similar to these print sources in that they are also written by credible sources, who don’t try to persued readers with their own thoughts and opinions.
On a scale of 1 to 5 my research material supports my original thesis at about a 4.